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Settings Dialog

To display the Settings Dialog click the "Program Settings" button on the "Views Toolbar":

Or choose the "Tools / Settings" menu item:

With the Check&Get Settings dialog you can view and change the following program options:

Check&Get General Settings

Default Value: Unchecked Auto-Run Check&Get in system tray on Windows Start-Up

When the option is enabled, every time you start Windows, Check&Get is started automatically as small icon in the system tray. Running in the system tray, Check&Get checks your bookmarks in background and can be instantly popped up when you double-click to the tray icon.

Default Value: Checked Hide to system tray on closing the main window

When this option is enabled, Check&Get is not closed when you click the "close" button of it's main window but hides in to the system tray instead. It allows the Check&Get to check the bookmarks in the background.

You can shoot-down the Check&Get by choosing the "File / Exit" menu item.

Default Value: Checked Catch URLs from the Clipboars

When this option is enabled, Check&Get monitors the system clipboard and shows the Url List Import Dialog when one or several URLs were copied to the clipboard. Uncheck this checkbox to disable the clipboard monitoring.

Default Value: Checked Notify when new version of software available

When this option is enabled, you will be automatically informed when the new version of software is available for download.

Default Value: Checked Auto-Open this Bookmark Collection on start-up

When this option is enabled, the Check&Get opens the selected Bookmark Collection automatically on program start-up. Click button to select the file name of the Bookmark Collection to auto-open.

When this option is not enabled, you should open or create the Bookmark Collection manually after the Check&Get starts.

Default Value: Checked Allow Multi-User Access to the Bookmark Collection

When this option is enabled, the Check&Get allows to share the common bookmark collection file among the customers in the local area network of organization. The customers could view, edit and check the bookmark collection simultaneously.

The bookmark file should be placed in the network location of the organization's server.

This option is available in PRO edition of software.

HotKey Settings

HotKey Settings

Define the global system wide hotkeys to call-up Check&Get features from any application.

Check&Get Connection Settings

Permanent (LAN / DSL) connection

Select this option if your computer is permanently connected to Internet via Local Area Network, xDSL modem, etc.

When the permanent connection is selected, Check&Get can access the Internet to check web-pages at any appropriate time according to bookmark schedule.

Dial-Up / VPN connection

Select this option if your computer connects to Internet using Dial-Up or VPN non-permanent connection. When this option is selected, you should select the name of your primary Dial-Up or VPN connection from the list.

If you use non-permanent connection to the Internet, Check&Get will check whether any Dial-Up or VPN connection is established. If there are no connections established, Check&Get puts the bookmark into the queue instead of exploring it.

All queued bookmarks will be checked as soon as you establish the connection to the Internet.

Default Value: Unchecked Enable Auto-Connect

This option is available only if "Dial-Up / VPN connection" is selected.

If Auto-Connect option is enabled, Check&Get will connect to the Internet automatically to check the bookmarks.

Check&Get auto-connects to the Internet if any bookmark needed to be checked according to bookmark schedule or in case of the bookmark queue is not empty.

Default Value: Checked Enable Auto-Disconnect

This option is available only if "Dial-Up / VPN connection" is selected.

If Auto-Disconnect option is enabled, Check&Get will disconnect from the Internet automatically when all the queued bookmarks are checked.


Configure Connections - Click this button to configure the properties Windows Internet Connections.

Web-Checking Settings

Sumultaneous Web-Checking Threads

This option allows you to specify the number of simultaneous connections for checking the bookmarks.

The more web-checking threads you enable the faster Check&Get checks the bookmarks and the more network bandwidth takes Check&Get from your Internet connection and the more it takes operating memory and CPU resources to work.

Increase the number of the simultaneous connections if you have the fast Internet connectivity and modern computer. Decrease this number if you have the slow Internet connection or not very fast computer.

HTTP Timeout (seconds)

If the check of a single bookmark takes longer then the specified number of seconds, the check is aborted. Increase the HTTP Timeout value if you have the slow Internet Connection.

Default Value: Unchecked Write the detailed Log-file of bookmark exploring

The diagnostic option used to solve the connection problems. Usually you do not need to enable this checkbox.

Check&Get Proxy Settings

A proxy server acts as a security barrier between your internal network and the Internet, keeping other people on the Internet from gaining access to confidential information on your internal network or your computer.

Auto-Detect Proxy Server, depending the current connection

The default option. Check&Get automatically use the proxy server if it defined in currently active connection to internet.

Use direct connection to Internet without proxy

Do not use this option if you do not have the problems with bookmark checking. This will disable proxy for ALL bookmarks.

If you need to ignore proxy for some web-page (for example, located in your intranet), you can do it for this bookmark properties individually.

Default Value: Unchecked Proxy requires User Name and Password

Enable this option if your proxy server requires the user id and password. Specify the user name and password in this case.

Ask your network administrator if you do not know what to enter into these fields.

Check&Get E-Mail Settings

When the bookmark is changed or error is detected, you can choose to be notified by e-mail message. E-Mail Settings page allows you to setup e-mail delivery settings.

Sender Name

Specify the sender name that will be added to "From:" field of e-mail message.

Sender E-Mail

Specify the sender e-mail address that will be added to "From:" field of e-mail message. This must be a valid e-mail address. If this value is invalid, your SMTP server may reject the e-mail messages from the Check&Get. Ask your network administrator if you are not sure what to enter here.

Default Recipients

Specify the default list of e-mail recipient addresses delimited by semicolon.

If the e-mail address in the bookmark properties dialog is empty, Check&Get will send the e-mail message to these default recipient list.

See also: Bookmark Properties / Actions

SMTP Server and Port

Here you specify the address and port of the server used to send outgoing mail.

If you are not sure what they are, either look in your e-mail program configuration, ask your network administrator or contact your ISP.

Import SMTP Settings

Click this button to instruct the Check&Get to retrive the current e-mail account settings of the MS Outlook Express program.


Check&Get Browser Settings

Check&Get allows you to open the URLs at the selected external browser, installed on your system.

The most popular browsers, like: Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape, MyIE2, Avant Browser are internally supported and detected automatically. In addition, you can add to the Check&Get browser list any other standard external browser.

Browser List Example:

Select the browser from the list to open the bookmarks.


Add - Add browser to the list
Rename - Change browser name
Reset List - Rescan the system for known browsers and reset the browser list


Additional Browser Options:

Default Value: Checked Enable DDE Browser Control

DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) is the Microsoft Windows protocol that enables Check&Get to communicate with the browser using a client-server model.

Usually it's faster and allows the extended capabilities when the URL is opened on the external browser, like opening the URL at the current browser window or at the new browser window or tab.

Usually it safe using this control with the Internet Explorer, Opera and Mozilla. Some other browsers not supports the DDE or have the incorrect support of this protocol. Sometimes it may cause even hang of the Check&Get or the browser.

Unselect this checkbox if you exire the troubles opening the URL at the external browser.

Default Value: Checked Open URL in new browser window / tab

This option is available if "Enable DDE Browser Control" is selected.

When this option is enabled, Check&Get opens the URL at the new browser windows.

Default Value: Checked Minimize on opening the URL in the browser

When this option is enabled, Check&Get minimizes it's main window when you open the URL at the external browser.

Confirmation Dialog Settings

This control allows you to select the dialog and confirmation messages you want to be shown.

Language Settings


Check&Get is multilanguage program that used by people world-wide. Select your preferred language, using this dialog.

If you can not find your native language in this list, you are welcome to join our Translators team and help us to translate the Check&Get to your native language.

All the translators have the PRO Edition of Check&Get for free. Please, contact us before you start the translation to be sure that this translation is not in work by other person yet.




Check&Get - Web Change Monitor, Bookmark Manager and Web Capture tool. Organizes Bookmarks, Tracks / Checks web-sites for updates and changes, Alerts on new web page content, detects dead-links and duplicates. Imports, Exports and Synchronizes bookmarks among Internet Explorer, Mozilla, FireFox, Opera.